The Mad Men Party Space You Can Rent Near Portland


airstreamThere is an alternate reality, and in that universe of somewhere else I have enough money to rent the new clubroom at the World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville, Ore.

And I know exactly what I would do there. I would invite every person I know in Oregon (they might all fit in this room) to come have craft cocktails with me in this second-floor space decked out with mid-century modern furniture and have a Mad Men-themed party.

It’s called the “Atomic Lounge,” and if it doesn’t feel completely authentic to you, that’s because it’s not. The place is a like greatest hits parade of iconic furniture from the mid-century in five separate sitting areas, tucked away in an upper corner of the new building housing the museum.

You’ve got your lucite poppy clutching your bottom chair set.


Your art collector sitting as low to the ground without actually touching it photo opp.


You have your “I might actually watch sports here” lounging area.


And your meet-me-under-the-stars-of-a-celestial-chandelier swingers bar.


Your inner hobbit can cozy up to this Jetsons-awesome floating fireplace.


In a pinch, you can always ignore the people from the second floor of your office meeting of the knees.


As soon as my art patron steps up to fund a salon presence worthy of my creative life, I know exactly where I’ll throw my first party.

Or, if cars are your thing, you can always pop downstairs to see funny cars, racing cars and the entire history of speed racing in the Pacific Northwest.