Perfume Studio

I am a budding natural perfumer (is there any other kind?). This is the space where I explore natural perfuming and share what I learn.

JessicaHannahYou’re Doing It All Wrong: 8 Signs You Need to Rethink Perfume
If your idea of scent is a cloud of suffocating fragrance, you need to do a little exploring.


The Scent in Literature Project: The Best Smelly Writing
Some say scent is the hardest sense to capture in writing. I say poppycock; these writers prove that is false.


Dame2Postcards from the Edge of the Pacifice: How an innovative natural perfumer is reaching out to customers
Jeffrey Dame loves postcards, and he’s using them to share his perfumes with the world.


TinctureHow to Make a Lavender Tincture
You can preserve lavender and other herbs in a tincture, a simple process by which the essential oils are extracted and preserved in alcohol. This is how.


Mint4How to Make Mint Oil
When your mint is out of control you just know it’s time to harvest that monster and make some oil.

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