Baths solve everything. This is where I share my tips on self-care, mind-body adventures and essential oil experimentation.

The Home Commute5 Sensual Life Hacks for Your Work-At-Home Commute
If you work at home, then you might be feeling like the transition between your work life and your life/life needs a little something…


7 Benefits of Self Massage (and an essential oil blend to do it)

Everyone’s anxiety is their own special burden. But I find this massage routine with jojoba oil and essential oils is an excellent addition to your self care.

MonsterSprayMonster-Away Spray for Scared Sleepers
Does this spray work? Yes. Is it because of the essential oils? Probably not. If you have a kid who’s afraid of monsters, try it anyway.

5Senses News Update for Your Five Senses
Can you really smell one trillion scents? Surprising new research takes on the age-old question of humans and olfaction.

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