The Scented Cup that Could Help You Drink Fewer Calories


It is my ardent belief that scent is an untapped resource for the food industry and that paying more attention to scent cues could revolutionize many industries.

Now comes an Indigogo project that harnesses the simple fact of human olfactory and taste — scent accounts for as much as 80% of what we taste — to make a new product that could help people drink fewer calories and up their intake of water overall.

The goal of the cup, which is being crowd-funded right now, is to allow people to smell flavor similar to what beverage companies currently put in their drinks while the drinker is imbibing water. Instead of getting the calories from soda or fruit juices, the drinker gets pure water that tastes like the scent of the cup.

From the company’s campaign:

How does it actually work?
In order to appreciate how The Right Cup works, it’s important to understand the dynamic of how smell affects taste. First the tongue only tastes 5 sensations: sweet, bitter, sour, salty and Umami. The overall taste experience is a result of the interaction of these 5 sensations and the sense of smell. It is estimated that the sense of smell is responsible for approximately 80% of the flavor experience. When people eat and drink, food and liquids release volatile aromas that travel up from the nose and from inside the mouth, past the sinuses until they reach the nasal epithelium which sends a message to the olfactory bulb that the aromas being smelled are a taste being tasted. The Right Cup’s natural fruit aroma combined with a patented sweet taste technology, gives your brain the total perception you are drinking a fruit flavored water.

The makers of The Right Cup hope it will be used by people who are trying to lose weight, who want to get that recommended 8 cups of water every day (but struggle to do so), and by people who are moving away not just from the calories of carbonated beverages but from the preservatives and chemicals used therein.

Now, can we ask them to have some out-of-the box scents like lavender, bergamot, elderberry, or Turkish rose? What scent would you want to smell in your water?

Tessalation! Or: when little projects take over…

Greetings! I wanted to let you all know of another project I’m doing, which just happens to involve my obsession with patterns.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a children’s book called Tessalation! and promptly put it in a drawer.

These things happen. I’m sure every writer has a ton of these projects just waiting for their time in the sun.

Well, despite the gloomy and despondency-producing greyness in Oregon right now, the time for Tessalation! is NOW!

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to hire an illustrator to get this book out in the world. You know, just slap the thing together, put it up on Kindle and call it a day.

Ah, the best laid plans. After posting some images of the book on FB and receiving a ton of interest, I’ve decided to explore printing a small first run of this book.

I’m not interested in clogging up your inboxes with news you don’t want, and I realize this is a little different that perfume/mind body/memoir/feng shui and the usual you get from me, but if you are interested in children’s book publishing, pattern-making or just want to follow along as I feel my way through this process, I’ve started a blog on the book site about it.

I’ve barely started this and have already had to answer a ton of creative and industry questions for myself as I go. I hope that I’ll be able to inspire other people to dust off old projects and watch them fly!

If you’d like to learn more about Tessalation! please visit the site and sign up for the newsletter.