My Design*Sponge guide to McMinnville


HouseI love being a travel writer, but I reach a special level of stoked when I get to write about my hometown.

For McMinnville, it’s easy. It’s so simple to slip into the eyes of a tourist here. There’s a lot to do — especially in the wining and dining sector — and a lot of the things I get to write about really fall into that”La vita è bella!”factor.

Design*Sponge published my Guide to McMinnville today. I’m so thrilled with it. I’ve loved this site for pretty much forever and I couldn’t be happier to be featured on it.

I’ve written a ton about McMinnville recently because my town keeps winning all of these awards, basically for how adorable it is (historic preservation, foodie town, great small town, etc.).

But the reason I like this particular story is I got to include Rag & Bone and Mid*Mod and some of the other shops that often get left out when I write for more general publications.

I hope you enjoy this story! Please share. 

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