Where I’m speaking in 2016


airstreamI have some dates set for speaking engagements for 2016 — Save the Date(s)!

First, I’ll be talking to Willamette Writers’ Salem group on January 20, 2016 at the Salem Public Library about the art and craft of developing the Nonfiction Book Proposal.

This talk is based on my experiences finding an agent and getting three offers for representation of my memoir by attending the Willamette Writers Conference. Even if you don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, I highly recommend this festival as a place to hone your craft, meet industry experts and perfect the way you are telling the story about your creative projects.

In April, I’ll be speaking at the Terroir Creative Writing Festival, which happens in my own small-town of McMinnville, OR. I am so very proud of this little festival, which just keeps getting bigger and better and more focused every year. It’s a one-day event, and we take great pains to make it affordable to anyone who wants to attend. If you want to follow news from Terroir, please visit the Terroir Facebook Page. I’m on the board for this festival and have the (mwah ha ha!) pleasure of being involved in picking who gets invited to speak.

What should I talk about at Terroir this year? In the past I’ve done travel writing and nonfiction book proposal writing, but I think it might be time to do another workshop on blogging… here are some ideas I’m throwing around:

  • How to Self-Publish Children’s Picture Books
  • Blogging Basics for Business or Pleasure
  • My Gorillla Guide to Platform Building
  • How to Connect with Famous Authors (and move your career forward)
  • Writing in all 5 Senses
  • Writing the Humorous Personal Essay

Which of these would you be interested in?



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