How to Make Mint Oil

The mint is going CRAZY in our garden. Here is one of my most popular posts for how to make mint oil.


PerfumeI have a problem on my hands and its name is mint.

By now my garden has gone all but fallow and has nothing but a massive cloud of almost invasive mint spewing forth out of its raised bed.

I say almost invasive.

You see, just a few months ago I had transplanted this particular mint plant to another part of the garden. I had been doing the square foot gardening method, and mint was inching its way, like an army, across the lines and into the Swiss Chard. It wasn’t letting up. It was lush and gorgeous and absolutely not where I wanted it. So I pulled it out — or so I thought — and replanted it in another bed, near the squash, where it would bother exactly no one.

Just a few weeks later it rose, Phoenix-like, out of the ashes, to take over its two square…

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