7 Benefits of Daily Self Massage (and an essential oil blend to do it)


perfume-1If you have anxiety, there is no panacea for you. Everyone’s anxiety is their own, your own personal chatty Cathy sitting on top of you in a plane that’s going down.

But I feel compelled to share one of my tips for anxiety self-care: Self-massage.  It’s such a small but important addition to a self-care routine,  and one with enormous benefits for the body and soul.

I’ve been doing self massage for a few years now after reading Aveda Rituals : A Daily Guide to Natural Health and Beauty. Now, I can’t stop talking about it.

The benefits of self-massage are many:

7 Benefits of Self-Massage

1. Massage is said to reduce toxins in the skin
2. Lustrous skin from all of the oils
3. Deep relaxation from the massage; increased circulation to nerve endings
5. Deeper nighttime sleep (really)
6. Almost immediate relaxation response
7. Boosted immune system response

How to Do Self-Massage

If you’ve never done self-massage before, it would be helpful to watch this video, which walks you through an entire full-body massage. Note that the video is only about six minutes long. A good self-massage, done completely, should only take you about 10 minutes a day.

The Scent Connection

While you’ll find a lot of naysayers out there on the benefits of aromatherapy, studies have shown it to have great effects on one malady in particular:


I have my own theory of why this may work. For one, researchers recently discovered that you have olfactory cells all over your body.  So it follows that if you use a scented oil, you are harnessing the scent power of the oil and delivering it to your entire body.

Scented oils also work for anxiety because:

1.) You receive the benefits of massage, even if you are doing it yourself

2.) Paying attention to what you are doing feels like a meditation

3.) Smelling essential oils during the process works a little like it does for a monk smelling sandalwood or a Christian smelling incense while praying

4.) Scent has a way of establishing you in the moment when you focus on it

MassageOilRecipe: Citrus Blend

This recipe I have been using is the one below I modified from www.naturallivingideas.com, which also guides you through a wonderful how-to on mixing oils. Though it is intended to promote emotional well-being, but the effect on me has been nothing less than extreme contentedness (that might be the same thing).

Clary Sage: 3 drops – (middle: dry, tea-like and floral)

Jasmine: 2 drops – (middle: warm, rich, deeply floral)

Bergamot:  12  drops – (top note: fresh, spicy, floral, citrus)

Benzoin: 5 drops – (base: rich, sweet, similar to vanilla)

Ylang Ylang:  2 drops – (base: rich, sweet, floral)

Grapefruit: 2  drops – (secondary top note: fresh, tangy, citrus)

Carrier Oil:  2/3 C. Jojoba oil (most like human oils, little to no scent)

***My friend Amy says this oil I’ve been making smells like Napoleon’s iconic perfume Eau de Cologne which he had custom-made.

I can’t help but share the self-love. My new plan is to develop half a dozen different types of self massage oil for my friends to try out and comment back on. Have you tried self-massage? What do you do for anxiety?

10 thoughts on “7 Benefits of Daily Self Massage (and an essential oil blend to do it)

  1. Laura says:

    I’ve been trying out a DIY salt scrub (which I’m going to blog about some point soon on my blog Elysium Vogue) and one of the ingredients is certain oils!
    You know how different oils have different effects? Well you put different oils in this salt scrub and I was hoping you could help me out on what’s best, and I’ll give you a shoutout?


    Liked by 1 person

  2. cultivatingtime says:

    Thanks for sharing the self massage video. It’s useful to see how to massage the oils in so you get the greatest benefit.


  3. cultivatingtime says:

    I tried doing a warm oil self massage a few weeks ago. It was really great. I will definitely be trying it again in future. I’ve invested in some new oils too. Thanks again.

    Liked by 1 person

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