Postcards from the Edge (of the Pacific)

Dame1perfume-1A few weeks ago, while trolling the indie perfuming sites, I came across Dame Perfumery in Scottsdale, AZ, a father & son perfumery led by a nose with a penchant for postcards.

“Perfume for me is all about a connection between two people, and while yes here we are on the internet sharing words there is no human touch to the experience.” — Jeffrey Dame

It works like this: You send him a postcard from your hometown listing the perfume sample you’d like to try from his perfumery, and he’ll put your postcard up when he opens his perfume concept store.

I adore postcards, but there aren’t that many from my hometown. Most have wine country motifs, few are worth sending to a stranger. But I found a nice one from Type A Letterpress in McMinnville, which showed McMinnville to be the center of a small universe. Ca-ching!

So above is the postcard I sent to Mr. Dame, with its message below. It might not stand out on the wall, but for lovers of letterpress it begs to be touched.

Dame3Just a week and a half later, this came in the mail:

  • Large vial of Black Flower Mexican Vanilla
  • Small tester of Desert Rose
  • Small tester of Dark Horse Cologne
  • Small tester of Herb Man
  • Small tester of Verbena, Freesia and Musk

Dame2 What a wonderful way to get your product out in the world and make a connection with a scent lover! And clever, too. For while I chose probably the most gloriously bombastic scent in his list to try — hey, I like to play with fire sometimes — he might have known me better than I knew myself, for it was the Desert Rose I really connected with.

His Desert Rose is a blend of Turkish rose otto and Damascenia Rose with touches of peach, Sicilian lemon, Egyptian jasmine, geranium, carnation, heliotrope, sandalwood, musk, amber and vanilla. Its the perfect scent to carry a Pacific Northwest rose season just a little bit farther.

Thank you, Mr. Dame! Let us know when your store launches. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of your postcard wall!

8 thoughts on “Postcards from the Edge (of the Pacific)

    • Emily Grosvenor says:

      Not so sure you can smell anything from a map… But if we were talking Oregon scents I’d say go with something grassy, or ponderosa pine, lavender, rose, or peony, if you could imitate peony somehow. Cool question!


  1. Lauren says:

    love all your posts lately, it’s like getting a little treat in my email. Will definitely be sending a postcard. One thing I’ve noticed is more and more I’m seeing “Scent Free Zone” etc, mostly in dr’s offices, but other places including my workplace as well. While I definitely don’t want to trigger someone’s illness I want to be free to smell good too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emily Grosvenor says:

    Thanks, Lauren! I’m on a roll. You know, I’ve seen those, too, and I wonder if the response is to commercial scents vs. natural perfumes. I find that when I wear the natural perfumes I feel perfumed and can smell myself but don’t stink up the place, ie. I’m wearing it for me, not for them. Then again, I also wouldn’t dream of wearing any scent to go on a plane!


  3. matt says:

    i can’t help but feel a bit like pluto if mCminnville is the center of the universe based on the postcard you selected to send the neat ‘dad n son’ perfumier…if Eugene were a perfume, it would smell like…hippies aka patouli w/its sister moon, cannabis cloud.


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