Talking Travel and Perfume on Arts Alive

Who says you can’t wear an artfully wrinkly shirt on national television? Heck, who said anything about national television? Yep, as my husband recently mentioned to me, I was seen by tens of people last week when I went on ArtsAlive, our local arts show, to talk about my upcoming travel writing workshop and about the my new project tracking down the scents of the West.

It was an amazing experience. We have a ton of talented people volunteering at our local cable station, really cool folks who are putting together fun shows with local personalities. There’s even a show called “Speaking Frankly,” by, you guessed it, a guy named Frank, a retired philosophy professor, though I do wish it were called “Frankly Speaking.”

My interview was with Lynda Phillipi, a local travel agent, so pretty much the perfect person to interview a travel writer. I’m not used to being on the other end of the interview equation. At this point I’m not used to putting on makeup and having anyone pay any attention to me whatsoever after being home with my kids for three years, but I think it went well. You be the judge!

Warning: It’s really long, like 15 minutes.

By the way, Adam’s probably wrong about the tens of people. I’ve already been able to connect with some other artists in town who saw the show and are interested in collaborating or meeting. The Arts Alive Crew is looking for other people to interview, so if you live in Yamhill (or close), contact Arts Alive through Facebook. And if you are interested in taking my travel writing workshop, it’s not too late to sign up for the Terroir Creative Writing Festival.

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