Monster Away Spray Recipe for Scared Sleepers


HouseI can count on three fingers the moments I have displayed anything close to brilliance in my parenting. But yesterday, I found something that worked  to help my son sleep better and I knew I had to share it here.

It’s an aromatherapeutic Monster Away Spray I created on the spot for my son, 3, who woke up six times between the hours of 12 a.m. and 4 a.m. two nights ago.

Sleep hasn’t been a problem for us for a long time , so we were ill-prepared for the nightmare phase, which tends to peak when children are between 3 and 6 years old. All science aside, when your child wakes you up this many times in the middle of the night, I can tell you exactly where the monsters are. I was a nightmare all day long and knew I had to do something.

First, we went through his room systematically and removed everything he said he was afraid of in the middle of the night. We moved his bed into the light of the moon and out of the dark corner. We moved all of the scary books into the downstairs library (including Hansel and Gretel, the one that freaks him out the most). We let him take a fluffier pillow from the guest bedroom. Then, we mixed up this Monster Away Spray with some of my favorite relaxing aroma therapeutic oils.

You’ll need:

  • One spray bottle
  • Two C. distilled water
  • Roman chamomile essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Your favorite monster sticker

Roman chamomile tends to be really strong — stronger than you’d imagine. For both of these I like to use oils from Oregon-based Liberty Natural Products.

How to make:

Smell the oils first and decide which you like better. I like my spray heavier on the lavender side, so I do a mix of 8 drops lavender to 4 drops Roman chamomile for each cup of water. So if your spray bottle holds two C. distilled water like mine, use eight drops Roman chamomile oil and 16 drops lavender oil. Shake well before each use. Have your child place his/her favorite monster sticker on the bottle.

In our case, we sprayed a lot of stuff, first the dinosaurs, then the closet, under the bed. The smell is really fabulous, not too powerful. If you end up spraying the whole bottle it won’t be too much, but I’d recommend telling your child that less is more with Monster Away lest you end up with drenched books and a need to refill every night.

He was so excited about it he has shown every single person who has stepped in our house in the last 24 hours.

Friends, my child slept through the night, woke up at 7:15, went downstairs by himself and put a sticker on his chart.

Even better, there were no monsters in our house this morning.

Not even me.

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