Alternative Paper, Rock, Scissors


HouseWe’re kind of bored at our house with paper, rock, scissors. It just doesn’t make any sense. Crushing a good pair of scissors with a rock is a terrible idea. How can paper beat rock by covering it? Scissors cuts paper? Okay, I’m on board with that one.

So we’ve started doing an Oregon version that makes so much more sense, and we’re calling it:

Farmer. Goat. Blackberry.

Farmer: You make a pitchfork with three fingers.
Goat: You give’em the goat, like you’re at a righteous metal concert.
Blackberry: You make some monster hands, like you’re trying to prick someone with your crazy, monster blackberry hands (my favorite).

Farmer eats Goat.

Goat eats Blackberry.

Blackberry makes Farmer’s life a living hell.

It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s totally local. Like the side of the highway I just drove down local.

One problem. If you’ve been doing paper, rock scissors your whole life, it’s kind of difficult to adjust to a new type of game.

Ideally, you’d do sound effects along with the hand gestures. Try it. It’s super fun. Especially Blackberry. Arrrghhh! Blackberry!

5 thoughts on “Alternative Paper, Rock, Scissors

  1. dinnersforwinners says:

    I cant believe you drew those! The illustration totally makes this post! I love this so much. I’m hoping that with a quick Pin the word will start to spread…. I can already guarantee Nathan and I will switch this out for how we decide who will take the dog out to pee in the rain for the next 8 – 9 months….!


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