8 thoughts on “How can you hate Elmo when he looks like this?

  1. Liz says:

    Aw! Just read your piece on Salon. Nice article! Well-written and funny. I also have a recovering Elmo addict at home. Now it’s Little Einsteins. I like your site too. I will follow.


  2. Emily Grosvenor says:

    Thank you! I think all of my parenting essays seem to have this form — what I thought it was like / what it actually was like / what I learned. Right now we’re into Phineas and Ferb. At least I am…


    • dinnersforwinners says:

      That was a great article! Just last night, I stopped myself from snapping “I’m glad you have time to actually feel BORED!” to my husband, who said that his having Mondays off (without me around) are almost boring, without anything to do. I can’t remember ever being bored in like the last two decades. Regardless, I want to try to cultivate his hobbies and interests. They just never last more than a few weeks. Unlike Adam’s…. what dedication he shows!


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